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After 3 years, Origins will no longer raiding and will become a social guild. Thanks to all the raiders who kept progressing with us, thanks for all of the good and fun times, and all the best with any future endeavours. 

Bankseed and I will still be around, so feel free to keep in touch as we enjoyed many a joke or conversation with you.



4/6 HOF!

Elsalsai a posted Feb 3, 13
And yet another boss down. Let's keep at it guys!

3/6 HoF

Recka a posted Jan 26, 13
And the progress continues with Garalon down! Next stop, Wind Lord Mel'Jarak!

2nd boss HOF!

Elsalsai a posted Jan 13, 13
Congrats for everyone who downed the second boss of HOF last night!

Please read a guide and watch a video for the Garalon fight. While we all understand the mechanics, we need to practice and get the positioning right.

Again, well done. Let's see some more progression next week!

6/6 MSV! Onwards to HoF!

Recka a posted Jan 6, 13
Congrats to everyone on the full MSV last night, on to bigger and better things!

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